Quality Standard

Our product conforms to the following standards

Quality Standard

We lay great emphasis on the quality of our products and maintain a high standard system at every stage of production process.

Our product conforms to the following standards

  • IS 12436 (Indian Standards)
  • Pr EN 14509 (European Standards)
  • DIN 4102 (German Standards)

In-house quality tests are conducted and test certificates are provided against each shipment.

The following tests are conducted at our factory.

  1. Density of Insulation.
  2. Compressive Strength.
  3. Hot Dimensionality Stability test
  4. Bending Strength
  5. Adhesion Strength (Foam to Steel)

Metecno Products have passed the following quality tests:

a) Our Panels Joint system (closed) tested for Air & Water penetration test – As per AST E 283  and ASTM E 33

b) Our PUF Insulation tested for Ignitability evaluation – As per BS:476 part

c) Our PUF Insulation tested for Surface spread of flame – As per BS:476 part 7

d) Our  Mineral wool panel tested for fire exposure for 120mins with respect to stability,integrity and thermal insulation – As per BS: 476 part 20  & 22.[/vc_column_text]

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