Metecno (India) Pvt. Ltd. is part of a large conglomerate METECNO group with 11 plants in 10 countries across the globe to manufacture Euro Class energy balance insulated panels for building industry. Metecno group is the world leader in insulated panel production. The insulated panels are used for insulation of roofing and walling in the building industry.

Advantages of Insulated Panel

The insulated panel consists of two facings of relatively thin metal sheet profiled preferably and of high strength enclosing a core, which is relatively thick and light but has adequate stiffness in a direction normal to face of the panel. The facings are of steel or aluminium. The core is made of polyurethane PIR mineral wool. The advantages of insulated panel of factory assembled insulated panels are as under roofing or walling are as under:

  • Excellent and durable thermal insulation
  • Good sound insulation
  • High load bearing capacity at less weight
  • Absolute water and vapour barrier
  • Excellent air tightness and free of thermal bridges which results in
    considerable energy savings.
  • Surface finished facings providing resistance to weather and aggressive
  • Capacity for rapid erection without lifting equipments, easier installation in hostile weather conditions
  • Easy repair and replacement in case of damage
  • Long life and very low maintenance cost
  • Reasonable fire reaction and resistance

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