Hipertec Wall Sound

(Mineral Wool Panels)

Hiper tec Wall Sound

Self-supporting panel insulation material insulated with Rockwool for wall and partition applications, requiring a high degree of resistance to fire, combined with sound absorption.

The HIPERTEC® WALL SOUND panel, is manufactured in accordance with a system patented by Metecno, and consists of a micro-ribbed external steel facing, an internal flat, but perforated liner, with an insulation core of orientated fibre high density Rockwool, arranged perpendicular to the plane of the panel and positioned in strips, laid longitudinally with off-set joints and transversally compacted, in such a way as to completely fill the void between the two metal facings.

Sound absorption

The HIPERTEC® WALL SOUND panel is particularly suitable for acoustic control, providing excellent sound absorption qualities over a wide range frequency spectrum. Tests in echo chambers conducted to ISO 354/85 standards in 50 – 80 – 100 mm thick panels produced a D La sound absorption index of between 10-11 dB (A). The graph below shows the curve of the absorption coefficients at the various frequencies for the 100 mm thick panel.

Sound insulation

The HIPERTEC WALL SOUND panels have been tested to ISO 717/82 standards and obtained indices of Rw = 31.5-33 dB for the 50, 80 and 100 mm thick panels. The cur ves of the absorption coefficients of the 100, 80 and 50 mm thick HIPERTEC® WALL SOUND panels at the various frequencies are shown in the graph below.


HIPERTEC WALL SOUND panels have been tested at the Instituto Giordano S.p.A. on unloaded structures in accordance with Circular no. 91 of 14/9/61 and obtained the following results:

  • HIPERTEC® WALL thickness 100 REI 60 certificate no. 111480/1720 RF
  • HIPERTEC® WALL thickness 80 REI 45 certificate no. 111477/1717 RF

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